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What we do in a nutshell - STORIES that INSPIRE your PEOPLE

Using stories to inspire a safer direction in the workplace. These stories are only the start, site visits are a wonderful way to help embed the stories, it allows the chance to spot the brilliance on site and things out the blue to all levels in an organisation.

November 2000 Paul was working as a Process Operator and Engineer at a paper mill in Kent. He was involved in a machinery incident, which resulted in his left arm being severed above the elbow.

Paul’s story was shown on the BBC’s 999 programme, the story is incredibly honest, raw and open about the lead up to, the day itself and ripple that has continued to this day.

The story acts as a reminder of the fundamental importance of key safety behaviours, risk assessments, communication and lock off procedures. Highlighting the need to think about custom and practice in the workplace, the need to encourage people to question and speak up, so everybody goes home every day.

With opportunities for stories to be told, whether a safety stand-down day, site tour or conference. Attendees cannot escape the reality of human error from such incidents, realising the risks that they take together with the potential adverse consequences.

Having spoken around the world to industries far and wide. Paul’s story sits beautifully with those in manufacturing and engineering, as it will help align organisations concerned with health and safety and the culture that exists within it to influence them to adopt a different approach to safety.

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