PFS Fueltec

PFS Fueltec are pleased to be exhibiting for their 4th year, displaying a range of fuel installation products that they distribute, designed to store, monitor, supply and clean fuel, with the environmental protection benefits as the priority.

Exhibiting in partnership with CC Jensen Ltd and Omegaflex they aim to give the customer the fuel installation package that they specify, incorporating 21st century technology.

CC Jensen have a pedigree of manufacturing fuel cleaning systems that goes back over 60 years, supplying units from stock or custom built to a customer’s requirements that filter fuel to 30 micron absolute, while removing water to less than 100PPM.

Omegaflex will be exhibiting their well proven secondary contained stainless steel pipe work system called DoubleTrac. This innovative double wall design includes a UV stabilised Nylon 12 outer layer, providing excellent resistance to weathering, and chemical exposure. Elbows and tee’s available to facilitate installations in restricted spaces, double contained flow through maintained throughout all fittings.

Also on view will be the floating suction system from FuelActive that enables you to draw from the top of the fuel tanks, and the Franklin Fueling management system consisting of fuel management, submersible fuel pumps and double wall UPP pipework.

Event Diary

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