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Composites in Construction

Steel plates have been the go-to hole-cover solution for decades. Their robustness makes metal covers an obvious choice on the worksite; capable of supporting heavy-weight vehicles.
However the weighty steel plate also comes with expensive lifting equipment, high transportation costs and has contributed to Health & Safety issues.

Many construction sites struggle to use a safe & appropriately sized vehicle to install steel plates, if not moved correctly steel plates can lead to feet and hand injuries, despite PPE!
Prone to shifting, as well as contributing to slips and trips, anti-slip lasts as long as the adhesive applied to the plate.

Introducing composite site safety solutions: the innovative and modern-day alternative to steel plates.

Composite plates are moulded with anti-slip tops that withstand years of wear. The light-weight alternative is installed with 1 or 2 people. Composite plates can be transported in smaller vehicles, and no specialist lifting equipment is required. They are manufactured using high visibility Special Moulding Compounds.

Best yet, composite covers are available at ¼ the price of steel plates! These and many other reasons are why composite plates are already used on construction sites world-wide.
The solution? Composite Road Plates & Safe Covers.

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