“The theory behind Minus7 is mind-blowing; it just makes so much sense!”
Mike Harrison, Technical Director, Poole Housing Partnership

The vision to create truly sustainable affordable warmth drives Minus7’s cutting-edge product development.

Priority is given to maintaining a consistent comfortable temperature from renewable sources at the lowest possible cost. Harnessing solar energy to provide a complete heating, cooling, and electric energy solution using building rooftops.

Solar thermal, solar photovoltaic cells, heat pump and energy storage solutions are integrated into a single hybrid system managed by advanced proprietary control methodologies. The system comprises of a long life roof composed of solar thermal planks with discreet embedded solar photovoltaic panels, an energy processor and energy storage.

Minus7 offers a unique renewable energy generation and storage solution, enabling systems to operate with minimal grid electricity whilst providing low cost heat and power 24/7 365 days a year to tenants. The Minus7 system has been used successfully in both new build and retrofit development programmes, including listed buildings and is versatile enough to use for swimming pools.

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