Meon Valley Christmas Trees

Located at the top of the Meon Valley in beautiful Hampshire, we specialise in growing high quality, non needle-drop Nordman Fir Trees.

Our land is ideally suited to growing these trees, and we carefully manage their production from seedling to delivery. Their growth is carefully supported by the application of both organic and specialist granular fertilizers to optimise both colour and growth rates. Each tree is given individual attention,  pruned and bud-rubbed to achieve the traditional shape expected by our customers.

Trees from ‘Meon Valley Christmas Trees’ will be the freshest available, because they are cut, netted and delivered to order. We are members of the British Christmas Trees Growers Association, and the only grower approved to sell at Hampshire Farmers’ Markets.

Competitively priced: Trees from 4ft to 9ft, (1.2m - 2.7m) trees are available for this Christmas. Discounts offered on larger orders.
Farm visits by appointment.
For more information: Contact John Fairey on 07747784234