Medical Models Online

Medical Models Online are a leading UK supplier of medical training models, manikins and anatomy models, from small Lifting Manikins, spines, skeletons and full body manikins. Medical Models Online supply Government Departments, Hospitals, Universities, Surgeries and Training Providers in the UK and overseas.

To ensure the best available equipment at a competitive price, models are sourced from factories around the world and made available on one site for easy purchase. This ensures a wide choice of equipment with models from major manufacturers at reduced rates and models specifically made for Medical Models Online.

The importance of education, training and development in healthcare professionals cannot be underestimated, and with modern equipment it is possible to closely simulate the reality of performing various procedures in a safe, patient free environment. Modern materials and manufacturing also mean the cost of equipment has come down, and we now see many professionals buying their own equipment to allow practice at their convenience.
Medical Models Online can provide a wide variety of equipment for Health and Safety awareness, First Aid Training, CPR manikins as well as skeletons, charts and anatomical models.

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