Intelligent lighting solutions with maximum benefits

LUMENIA is a European leading company providing people with energy efficient lighting solutions for sustainable development of organizations, communities, municipalities and cities. It is a forward thinking company with a passion for modern technologies, connectivity and human well-being, committed to developing innovative technologies in lighting, exploring connectivity concepts and integrating systems. We ensure security, safety and quality of life to today's cities through the use of technology, infrastructure and unified digital control and monitoring.

Our product portfolio comprises LED lights for street and industrial lighting, solar lights and various wireless systems for energy management and control. We offer lighting design, lighting advisory service, custom lighting products and lighting management with large sensors portfolio.

We provide highly efficient lighting and sensory solutions for smart cities combined with remote lighting management to benefit from high ROI and low installation costs.

Creating a comfortable environment and unique light distribution is especially important for educational establishements, offices, hospitals and homes. HCL Luminaries have beneficial effect on users and residents, and prevent circadian rhythm disorders by replicating daylight spectral composition and supporting the circadian rhythm. LUMENIA SKY LUM lumeniaries with Human Centric Lighting characteristics provide an exceptional visual, emotional, and biological comfort for everyone.

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You are invited to this unique annual exhibition that brings together all the disciplines from the emergency services sector who are involved in prevention, response and recovery. 

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