Lucas Credit Services

We have proved in the Collections world that for many customers a Digital Journey is a Better Journey. Let us show you how our digital contact methodologies can help your Department save money and increase contact.

Lucas Credit Services is a market leader in digital contact strategies for debt collection.

Many customers, if asked, say they prefer to use email rather than letters or telephone calls, and the rate of change toward digital communication is profound.

In the collections world, Lucas Credit Services has pioneered the use of email as a mode of conversation, thus satisfying the preference of this rapidly increasing number of people.

For these customers, a digital journey is a better journey.

Many customers now keep their email addresses longer than their physical addresses and with the cost of email just a fraction of the cost of letters, we can also reach some customers that letters and telephone calls cannot.

If you think we could help your Department , with our expertise, superb in-house systems, and extremely cost-effective solutions, please call us.

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The annual Digital Government conference will be returning to the QEII Centre, London on Thursday 24th May.

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