Litmos Heroes

We’re Litmos Heroes. We’re saving the world from boring learning.
We’re the ones who are giving you off-the-shelf, “Netflix-style” learning content. You know, the ones that increase learner engagement through bite-sized, fun, informative content?
The ones where our customers are seeing crazy results like Mott Macdonald increasing engagement by 346% (seriously – we didn’t even make that up).
What you get with Litmos Heroes:

  • Unlimited access to our entirely video-based learning modules
  • New courses added every week, free of charge
  • 15,000+ learning resources to support on and offline training efforts including presenter packs, workbooks, infographics and more.
  • A LMS agnostic solution, designed to make your training delivery as simple as possible
  • Cost-effective solutions that increase in value the longer you're a customer.

We’ve saved over 500 companies from boring learning and we’ve won the 2017 UK Start-Up of the Year and Online Business of the Year awards. We’d really like to save you too. Find out more about us and how we could save your learners from boring learning.

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Event Diary

On the 16th & 17th of May, UK’s most ambitious SME owners, startup owners, creative leaders and decision makers will take part in what is being Europe’s largest business event.

Flood & Coast has become the authoritative annual exhibition and conference for anyone involved in flood and coastal erosion risk management in the UK.