LESS AS – Emergency Preparedness

LESS AS is a leading supplier within patient logistics, of lightweight stretchers and adequate supporting products for efficient evacuation in a coordinated rescue strategy.

Our solutions support a holistic approach to efficient patient evacuation. We focus on intuitive, fast and functional products when lives are at stake.  Our systems introduce LEAN thinking to the life-saving evacuation chain. We assist all types of emergency preparedness organizations to find suitable solutions to their needs, including creative ways to store and deploy equipment.

Modern preparedness for large incidents; Natural disasters, large accidents or manmade disasters.

Main areas of competence: Evacuation, Hypothermia Protection, Triage, CBRN. 

Booth at The Emergency Service Show: D33

+47 6116 0055

Event Diary

You are invited to this unique annual exhibition that brings together all the disciplines from the emergency services sector who are involved in prevention, response and recovery. 

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