Lasersound is your one-stop shop for laser shows, light shows, sound systems, flame shows, pyrotechnics and many other special effects. With many years of experience we can customise all these to your specific needs. Whether it’s a Christmas Lights switch-on in a confined space or a rooftop car park where you want fireworks, we can help. They to key to our success is an in-depth knowledge of all our equipment and how it works in any given situation. With low overheads and expert technicians we are able to provide council event organisers with a service which really does offer best value.

Here's what we do:

Laser shows – amazing shafts of piercing light beams sweeping across the sky in all the colours of the rainbow. Can also be used to project images on to buildings and other solid structures.

Light shows – our colour-changing uplighters are perfect for illuminating buildings

Image mapping – this new service enables us to transform your building by projecting images that are precision-mapped to its shape

Sound systems – we have a range of PA systems for all occasions

Flame shows –  erupting huge plumes in an amazing fire dance

Pyrotechnics & fireworks – our skill and experience enable us to create spectacular effects, with zero fallout, in the tightest spaces

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