International Ambulances introduces ACESO

International Ambulances introduces ACESO… the world’s first, entirely purpose-built ambulance.

ACESO doesn’t just look different, ACESO has been developed from the ground up, with engineering and design innovations across all areas of the vehicle. All features are focussed on enabling paramedics to bring the most effective care right into the heart of the community, with enhanced capability to immediately ‘see, treat and refer’.

ACESO will elevate mobile healthcare by providing enhanced levels of emergency care more quickly and effectively in a more hygienic, ergonomic and safer mobile healthcare environment.

ACESO design has the paramedic at its heart. It is an entirely new type of vehicle that is built, equipped and connected to allow paramedics to perform at their best.

ACESO connectivity spans all operations including clinical, paramedic and fleet management, which combine to provide a significantly improved paramedic and patient experience.

ACESO embodies International Ambulance’s vision to deliver greater value and lower emissions, with planned multi-fuel and hybrid solutions, enabling sustainable levels of improved mobile emergency care, at a lower lifetime cost for ambulance trusts.

ACESO enabling our remarkable paramedic community to deliver better patient outcomes.

International Ambulances… a new world of mobile patient care.

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