Graphenstone is the first global manufacturer of 100% natural VOC free products to incorporate Graphene nano-technology within our new range of paints and coatings. Graphene is the strongest known substance in science, 200 timer tougher than steel, while retaining flexibility and breathability. Our combination of natural materials with carbon-based nanomaterial, has created the most technologically advanced, durable and healthy coating solutions in existence.

Our formulas improve the properties of these products exponentially. The addition of Graphene ensures higher values of hardness, compressive and tensile strength as well as elasticity, compared to common coatings. The Graphenstone range of coatings meets the highest standards, offering the perfect solution for the built environment, whether new construction or restoration. Retaining full breathability, Graphenstone products avoid moisture build up, creating safe and healthy environments. This results in significantly reduced consumption of materials, better value for money and reduced labour costs. 

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The Emergency Services Show has developed over the past decade to offer emergency workers a great place to network and learn.

Safety & Health Expo, the UK's no.1 health and safety event and conference, satisfies everyone and anyone with a health, safety and wellbeing remit, whether you're an officer, advisor, CEO, distributor, consultant, head of department, director or manager.

IFSEC International gives you exclusive hands-on access to over 10,000 security solutions, live product demonstrations, and networking with over 27,000 security professionals.