Oh those things! They’re a menace!

Yes that’s true. In the wrong hands they are a menace and could be lethal.

In the right hands they are a very versatile and useful tool. That’s why respectable companies pay thousands of pounds keeping up to date with the latest professional grade equipment, software and training.

Safety is the number one priority and the Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.) is constantly reviewing and updating their guidelines and regulations. We, as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( U.A.V.) operators, must comply with these regulations and reapply annually for our Permission for Commercial Operations ( PfCO ).

Operators will only gain this qualification after satisfactorily completing a training course and a written exam followed by a physical flying exam. They must also have full insurance and submit and maintain an Operations Manual.

Some of the uses are:

Search & rescue, Property inspections, Photogrammetry* & 3D mapping, TV / films, Archaeology, Agriculture, Sporting coverage, Advertising, Weddings, etc.

*An exciting new technology where 3D point clouds can be created from photographs using state of the art software. These files are then uploaded to CAD packages to build 3D models and blueprints.

Written by Flypic.

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