Evo Office from Techlink

Techlink is a well-established British company based in Kent which has been meeting the needs of its customers across many industry sectors for almost 40 years.

Evo Office is the latest innovation from Techlink, introducing a range of products focussing on wellbeing in the workplace in order to promote a more active and healthy working environment in the modern office. The product range is centred round sit stand desks and work stations which encourage position changes throughout the working day. These changes in position have been proven to increase calorie burn, improve posture, increase productivity and reduce sick days. Research also indicates that other health benefits attributed to these changes in position include, improved mental health, reduced Type 2 diabetes risk, improved cardio vascular health and even reduced risk of certain types of cancer. All of these benefits have been shown to improve employee happiness and team morale within an active office. To compliment the range of desks and workstations the product range also incorporates, monitor arms, pressure relieving standing mats, innovative seating and cable management solutions ensuring Evo Office can deliver a complete ergonomic office solution.

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