Coastal Permits

Coastal permits provide a cloud-based permit to work system and RAMS management tool to safely control, coordinate, manage and provide live reporting.

With simple, intuitive, user-friendly interfaces which can be implemented quickly. Designed specifically to reduce cost and expedite the workflow process through professionally managed health and safety stages.

The coastal permits system is currently being used in all sectors including construction, facilities, property, and estates. It utilizes a simple dashboard allowing you to apply for, submit, approve and manage up to 20 different permit types. The permit to work system is fully customizable to meet each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Coastal permits provide a modern system enabling companies to operate safely and efficiently, creating a full audit trail and providing a greater visibility and control.

Why struggle with paper based systems, for more information on our modern cloud based permit system, please visit our website, email us or contact us directly by telephone.

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