The Cleanboot UK Ltd

The Cleanboot UK Ltd, who are we?

We are aiming to rid all industries from using plastic disposable overshoes!

Why? Plastic is bad... we know that now! So why are all these large corporations/companies issuing plastic disposable overshoes to their staff.. disposable! They’ll end up in land fill – for EVER!

I know the response! They are cheap, but are they?

Our Neoprene overshoes, Last.. upto 6 Months.. they are Re-usable, Washable, Waterproof and have a Unique Patented grip sole, at the end of their life, they’re Re-cyclable – made from 100% Neoprene

We have calculated that over a period of a year, a company would save 50% of their overshoe cost, using the Original CleanBoot compared to the Plastic disposable overshoes.

Also, when you arrive a client or customer’s property, the response when a contractor puts on a pair of CleanBoot overshoes compared to the blue plastic overshoes is worth witnessing for yourself! It immediately shows you are professional and that you care.

We have distributors Worldwide for the Original CleanBoot overshoes as they are sold globally; we also sell direct, based on quantities required.

Interested to find out more?

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