Beaver Waterfilled Flood Barrier

The Protection System

The elements of the Beaver flood barrier are initially inflated, easily moved into the desired position and subsequently filled with water from a nearby water source or flood water – via water pump.

The individual elements are joined together by a patented link system. This makes it possible to build flood barriers of any length, which conform to all types of terrain.

Additional hold back capacity can be obtained by adding a further single tube on top of the twin element.

The Beaver Barrier Protection System guarantees fast assembly of temporary flood barriers and their simple flexible system.

In recent years, Beaver flood barriers have, in over 150 cases, protected cities and their citizens, land and buildings & perfect for DAM building. Over 80,000m of Beaver flood barriers have sold to date.

Use of Water to control flooding

Storms & floods cause damage, which can cost millions of euros/pounds worth of damage. The economic costs place an enormous strain on property, home owners, businesses, insurance companies & public authorities.

The Beaver Flood Barrier System helps to prevent or at least reduce storm and flood damage and their economic costs.

The Beaver storm and flood protection system consists of two PVC tubes laid side by side, permanently joined together to form a flood barrier that can hold back up to 1900mm of floodwater.

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