Alert Technology Ltd

Reducing risk of exposure to airborne asbestos

Alert Technology Ltd has developed ‘ALERT’, the world’s first warning device that can distinguish airborne asbestos fibres in real time. Like a sophisticated smoke alarm, ALERT offers a vital first line of defence where none currently exists helping improve living and working environments.

Extensive use in over 3,500 products has left the UK with an absestos legacy to deal with for years to come. Asbestos containing materials can be found in private residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Safe if encapsulated and undamaged, asbestos only poses a serious risk when degraded over time or damaged by removal, DIY, remedial work or demolition resulting in toxic respirable fibres being airborne. Asbestos related diseases caused by prolonged exposure can take decades to develop, and are responsible for one in every three occupational cancers – claiming 107,000 lives a year globally and 5,000 each year in the UK.

The ‘ALERT’ device can help reduce risk by providing a vital early warning when ACMs have been disturbed and fibres released into the air so safety precautions can be taken. ‘ALERT’ sample units are currently engaged in commercial field trials with potential future customers and have recently been awarded an innovation loan from Innovate UK to accelerate market launch in 2019 of the first model, ALERT Pro 1000.

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