36 rural councils to share funding.

Only 14 per cent of company waste goes to landfill.

Three year plan for improvements from plan and play areas to fencing improvements.

Nine organisations to receive additional funding next year.

Salt caverns to increase UK gas storage capacity by 30 per cent.

Schoolchildren call for funding on green energy and a ban on standby buttons.

80 primary, post primary and special schools evaluated.

Aim to reduce carbon emissions by 44 per cent.

Majority of Scotland's local authorities meet 40 per cent recycling target.

£10 million to develop cost-effective and efficient solar energy solutions.

Householders given up to £800 off the cost of a new efficient boiler.

Directors of adult social care have warned that the ability of councils to provide dignified care for the elderly and disabled is at risk unless urgent steps are taken to increase social care funding.


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