New taskforce for London’s electric vehicle uptake

The Mayor of London is launching a new taskforce dedicated to boosting the infrastructure needed to increase the take-up of electric vehicles across the capital.

Sadiq Khan is also urging Londoners to make the switch from diesel to electric cars in a bid to tackle the city’s air pollution and move closer to becoming a zero-emission city.

The new rapid network of charging points has predominantly been delivered on land or roads managed by Transport for London (TfL), which represents a limited resource. In addition to petrol stations, businesses and car parks, the participation of London boroughs in the taskforce has been highlighted as key, as they manage 95 per cent of London’s roads. To move the infrastructure away from limitations and in to a place and system that encourages city-wide uptake, boroughs with TfL, the Mayor’s Office and taskforce partners to help deliver vital electric vehicle infrastructure and install rapid charging points in more urban areas.

Alongside approximately 2,000 standard charge points already installed across London, at least 150 TfL-funded rapid charge points are set to be in place by the end of 2018 in addition to new infrastructure in residential neighbourhoods. Khan would like to see rapid charging ‘hubs’ – a group of charging points, similar to petrol stations – set up across the city.

Khan said: “London’s filthy air is a public health crisis, and encouraging more Londoners to switch from diesel to electric vehicles is critical in tackling it. We’ve already made some great progress with the rollout of electric buses, electric taxis and rapid charging points, alongside launching the Toxicity Charge (T-Charge) for the oldest polluting vehicles in central London and bringing forward the introduction of the world’s first Ultra-Low Emission Zone. But we cannot do this alone.

“We’ve received huge support for this new taskforce, showing it is not just an environment or transport issue but one that is vital to the future of our city, and organisations across all sectors are stepping up and accepting they have a part to play. This initiative will support London boroughs and ensure electric vehicle infrastructure is installed in the right places, and help make our city an even better place to live.”

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