Public sector job satisfaction reaches four year high

According to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Halogen Employee Outlook, two-thirds of public sector employees were satisfied with their jobs, the highest level since autumn 2012.

This was higher than the average employee satisfaction rate which was 63 per cent.

However, 43 per cent of pubic sector workers said they were under excessive pressure at work at least once a week, compared to 38 per cent of all employees.

The report also identified evidence of post-referendum optimism with 57 per cent of employees confirming they believed it was unlikely they would lose their current main job, and just 12 per cent saying they think it is likely.

Claire McCartney, associate research adviser at the CIPD, said: “It’s fantastic to see such a leap in job satisfaction in the public sector since our last survey in the spring, especially in such uncertain times for the UK.

“There was a great deal of uncertainty before the referendum, so people might be feeling more settled, and many will be happy with the outcome based on their voting decision.

“Other reasons could include the optimism that usually comes with a new Government, and it could be that some of the new messages we’re hearing on fairness and equality might be resonating with public sector workers.”

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