Environment Agency urges signing up for flood warnings

The Environment Agency has encouraged residents on the Lincolnshire coast to sign up for flood warnings, as its flagship £7 million Lincolnshire coastal flood scheme reaches its close.

While the £7 million scheme has increased local and regional resilience to flooding, the risk of flooding can never be completely eliminated, so the EA is calling for residents in coastal communities to sign up for its free flood warning service. Currently, approximately 80 per cent of Lincolnshire coastal communities are yet to fully register.

Mark Robinson, senior flood risk advisor for the Environment Agency, said: “The completion of our £7 million LBM coastal flood scheme will help us continue to protect and reduce flood risk for tens of thousands of people and their properties. This scheme extends the life of our sea defences by protecting them from the energy of the waves as they impact on the coast.

“Although we work around the clock to reduce flood risk to Lincolnshire’s coastal communities, the risk can never be completely eliminated. Our latest figures show that many people on Lincolnshire’s coast are yet to sign up for flood warnings – warnings that could give them vital information and time to prepare and act for flooding.”

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