Liverpool most expensive council-run parking outside of London

A number of freedom of information requests have shown that Liverpool tops the list of cities outside of London where you’ll find the most expensive lead-in prices to park in council-run spaces.

Compiled by, more than 20 councils at the largest cities in the UK were asked to reveal their cheapest rates for an hour’s parking, with London topping the charts with a cost of £4.80, followed by Liverpool on £2.00 and Hull on £1.20.

Conversely, the cheapest price for a sixty-minute stay can be found in Belfast and Newcastle, who both have charges of 20p.

Outside of London, councils in Plymouth and Newcastle topped the provincial table for achieving the highest average income per space over 12 months, at £1,510.25 and £1,354.09 respectively.

Martin Mansell, managing director at, said: “Drivers deserve to know how their city stacks up against other council charges across the UK. While London’s charges and income levels are perhaps to be expected, it may come as a surprise to find Liverpool at the top of the table for lead-in hourly parking charges – especially as they are twice the price of near-neighbour Manchester.

“Seeing the data broken down like this, we hope to educate drivers and encourage them to do some research before forking out for over-the-top parking charges. We’ve also created an interactive map to help them avoid paying extortionate prices and hope to shed some light on what options they have.”

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