Report highlights FM role in combating cyber

A new white paper has analysed how organisations can better protect themselves against cyber attack after finding that 46 per cent of UK businesses experience at least one cyber breach every year.

Cyber-threat and the FM solution, produced by Urgent Technology, explores the threats posed by cyber security breaches and explains ho facilities management plays an important role in protecting systems against hackers as well as meeting the latest regulatory standards.

It argues that, in order to address the cyber security risks which may affect their organisation, facilities managers first need to acknowledge that they have a crucial role to play. Due to the evolution of technology within the workplace, the responsibility for data security has tended to be viewed as the remit of the IT department. However, Urgent Technology contend that this isn’t the case.

Jesse Klebba, Urgent Technology CEO, said: “FMs and their organisations face significant challenges in the future in combating the cyber threats posed by the convergence of physical assets within a building with data. This is why a wide-ranging and proactive approach should be taken to ensure that the FM can reap the undoubted benefits of workplace digitisation, while ensuring that facilities are not open to undue risks. In the future, FM and IT must always remain alert to the latest cyber threats, and must work together with their software supply chain to help reduce the likelihood of data breaches.”

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