Parliament join surge to crack down on plastics

Parliamentary staff are to be encouraged to put sustainability at the heart of their work and phase out plastic bottles, cups, bags and cutlery.

The move will see 125,000 plastic water bottles removed from sale immediately, followed next year by the phasing out of condiment sachets and plastic carrier bags, which will be replaced by paper ones. Procurement procedures will also be overhauled and reusable packaging trialled, with hot drinks in new compostable cups set to incur a 25p charge for a trial period to ‘encourage behavioural change’.

In a statement, Parliament said that the number of water dispensers on the estate will be increased and Parliament will buy 800 extra bins as part of a compostable waste stream. This is all part of a ‘wider strategy to reduce the impact of the organisation on the natural environment, including ambitious targets around energy efficiency, water consumption and reducing waste, together with a sustainable catering supplies policy’.

Event Diary

Corby Ganesh, Portfolio Director at GovNet, discusses how this year’s show in Manchester Central is the ideal space for procurement professionals to network, meet suppliers and learn what’s new in the industry.

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