Newcastle pursues healthier local food economy

Newcastle City Council has revealed its Newcastle Good Food Plan to build a stronger, more sustainable and diverse nutritional culture for the city’s 300,000 residents.

The plan will tackle diet-related ill health and improve access to more environmentally friendly and wholesome food. Furthermore, the Food Newcastle Partnership-led strategy seeks to reduce waste and the ecological footprint of the food system and transform catering and food procurement.

The strategy is being seen as a key breakthrough in the citywide fight against rising obesity, health inequalities, and food and economic poverty. Newcastle Good Food Plan’s development has been inspired by the success of similar programmes that have been launched in other cities across the globe, including Bristol, Brighton and Toronto.

Jane Streather, cabinet member for Public Health and Housing, said: “This plan will allow Newcastle to realise its ambition to become a healthier, sustainable city, while also clarifying our policy going forward on everything from public heath to the distribution and access of food, as well as on the environment.

“The city council is committed to working with community groups, charities, social enterprises and businesses to ensure everyone has access to good food and that a more sustainable food system is in place. It is obvious that the food model that has been followed worldwide for so long is neither sustainable nor healthy. We want to ensure the best possible future for the people of Newcastle.

“Good food is vital to the quality of people’s lives as well as creating a more vibrant, diverse, healthier, sustainable and ultimately prosperous city. Long-term that is surely what everyone wants? The Newcastle Good Food Plan is an important step forward not just for us, but the wider North East.”

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