Greens prioritise environment in police promises

The Green Party has pledged new laws to protect Britain's nature, wildlife and countryside in the wake of Brexit, if it is elected at June’s general election.

Launching its manifesto, co-leader Caroline Lucas said the Green Party was the only one to put the environment at the heart of policies.

The Green Party Environment Manifesto includes plans for: a new Environmental Protection Act, which to protect natural world in the wake of the EU referendum decision by creating a new environmental regulator and court; ending the monopoly of the Big Six energy companies by building democratic, locally owned alternatives; and ending plastic waste by introducing a bottle deposit scheme to stop 16 million plastic bottles ending up in environment every day.

The party also pledges to empower local communities to create energy and municipal heating projects and provide retro-fitting insulation to nine million homes.

Lucas added: "The environment has been wilfully ignored by the political mainstream and our climate and our countryside will pay the price of an environment-free election. With 2016 the hottest year on record, and a climate-denier in the White House, the need for bold and dynamic action on climate change has never been more urgent."

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