Bristol City Council to implement more cuts

Worker’s rights union Unison has claimed that Bristol City Council is set to make a further 828 job cuts in order to balance the books.

Unison warned that it could not see any areas where cuts can be made and services maintained.

The news comes after Marvin Rees, Bristol CC leader, announced in October 2016 that cuts of £92 million would have to be made to Bristol City Council's budget by 2022, with further savings of £33 million before the end of the the 2016-17 financial year.

A spokesperson for the council commented: “In most cases we have managed to achieve savings by non-replacement of vacant roles and voluntary redundancies, rather than having to consider compulsory measures.

“A significant step in minimising redundancies will be through working on service re-design - which is under way."

Gavin Brooks of Unison highlighted that if the redundancies go through, the council would have lost a third of its workforce in five years.

He added: ”That puts massive pressure on those left doing the jobs and they know they can't deliver the level of service they really want to.

"They're committed to helping the people of Bristol... as you cut these services it puts more pressure on other services be those council or NHS."