BBC finds that sexual-health clinics facing closure

A BBC freedom of information request has found that at least 72 councils in England are planning to cut sexual-health funding in 2018-19 compared with 2017-18.

Having received responses from 151 councils, the majority said any savings in sexual-health services would be made through efficiencies, but 16 councils said services would be cut or reduced. A few councils said they had managed to save money and improve services.

The freedom of information request revealed that some clinics in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Nottingham, Brighton and Hove, Doncaster and Norfolk are either facing closure or having to reduce their opening hours, with the closure of three clinics in Suffolk in April meaning patients are having to travel further to access services, while a popular clinic for students operating out of the Cripps Health Centre, on Nottingham University campus, lost its funding in March.

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