Cardiff Council generates £4.5m from motoring fines

New figures from Cardiff City Council have shown the authority has collected fines of over £4.5 million from parking and motoring offences in the past 12 months.

The news comes as the RAC Foundation has cautioned that the income generated from fines should not be seen as ‘a mark of success’ .

Meanwhile, the local authority as defended that the majority of the money was spent on enforcement costs - with just £390,325 leftover as profit.

A spokesman from the RAC Foundation said: "Councils shouldn't regard large sums of money being made from fines as a mark of success but possibly a symptom of things going wrong.

"Are the rules imposed on drivers fair and transparent? Why are so many motorists finding themselves on the wrong side of the law?

"It is hard to believe that people entering the city are purposefully setting out to wrack up big fines."

Matthew Wakelam, the council's head of infrastructure and operations, countered: ”These provisional figures - which will be audited - clearly show that the net financial gain for the last year is well under half a million pounds.

"We ask all road users to abide by the Highway Code so we can keep Cardiff moving, reduce congestion and further improve public transport infrastructure across the city."

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