Free trees encouragement in Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council is working with the Woodland Trust to encourage farmers, landowners and community groups to help improve the region’s green areas by applying for free trees.

Applicants can apply for: a MOREhedges pack, which includes a minimum of 100m of new hedgerow, 475 shrubs and 25 trees ideally for planting every 20m; or a MOREwoods pack, which consists of free trees and shrubs to plant a woodland, no less than 0.5 ha (1.25 acres) in size.

Pam Posnett, cabinet member for environmental issues, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Woodland Trust to provide free trees to farmers and landowners across Charnwood, Hinckley and Bosworth and Blaby. There are so many benefits to the scheme. Trees enrich the landscape across Leicestershire’s countryside and also encourage wildlife and improve air quality.”

The incentive is running until 31 January.

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