Brighton pinpoints potential housing brownfield sites

Brighton City Council has identified 180 brownfield sites as having potential to provide space for a number of new homes that the region needs.

The locations are contained in the city council’s new Brownfield Land Register (BLR), and, if all were developed, would provide over 8,000 homes. The register is a new government requirement, aimed at helping councils bring forward new housing.

The city is required to provide a minimum of 13,200 homes by 2030, with the council stressing that 87 per cent of the city’s future housing is expected to be on brownfield sites.

Alan Robins said: “We do look first at brownfield sites. Homes are being built on brownfield sites right now. But clearly there are many more. This is about looking for potential rather than a promise to develop every site. That’s not entirely within our control as nearly all sites are privately owned and some have businesses on them which we cannot lose. We’re willing to work with owners and developers, big and small, to unlock these sites where possible.”

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