MPs press for Nature report to be published

The Environment Audit Committee has called on the government to publish its long-delayed 25-year plan for improving nature in England, in a letter to Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom.

The Environment Audit Committee said it was essential that ministers have agreed and published a clear plan on the management of nature before negotiations on Brexit begin.

The Nature plan is expected to set out a policy framework for air, freshwater, marine, wildlife, soils, flooding, forests, and even the urban environment.

The letter, signed by members from a range of parities including Conservative, Labour and Green MPs, advised that the framework for the plan should 'be published and consulted on before Article 50 is triggered, so as to inform the government’s negotiating position'

It said: "First, the framework (of the plan) was delayed from summer last year to the autumn following the referendum. We are now in March, the framework has still not been published and there is no indication of when it will be."

The letter concluded: “It is essential that the 25 year plan for the environment and its framework is not delayed further. Can you inform me of the dates you expect the framework and final plan to be published?”

According to BBC News, a spokesman for the government said it would publish the plans as soon as possible.

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