A full energy audit, coupled with a robust energy policy, can demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to the sustainability agenda. Chris Moriarty from the British Institute of Facilities Management explains how to develop a successful energy policy

Local authorities are in a strong position to help deliver the required growth in renewables and energy efficiency, through their strategic planning role and a host of other functions. Mike Landy of the Renewable Energy Association explains how

Robin Hale, director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA), outlines some of the issues surrounding compliance and the implementation of efficiency policies

Keeping up with the the latest green policies coming out of central government can be quite a challenge for local authorities. Local Energy’s Karen Lawrence gives updates on the Green Deal and phase two of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, and sheds light on new community energy schemes

The Green Deal aims to help households across the UK become more energy efficient. Andy Deacon of the Energy Savings Trust looks at ways in which local councils can drive it forward

Is there something for the public sector to gain from a greater focus on energy audits? Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA), investigates

The Renewable Energy Association’s Frank Gordon sums up recent policy measures which have created new low-carbon opportunities and support for local authorities

Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) takes a look at the arguments for the government’s high-profile case regarding energy efficiency.

There's no way of avoiding some of the costs associated with keeping a business going: lighting, heating and power are all essential. But there are ways to keep the costs down, advises Des Franklin

Disagreement at the Government over energy supply demonstrates an urgent need to refocus on the basics of energy policy and practice, argues Alan Aldridge, executive director of the ESTA

Richard Rugg of the Carbon Trust suggests that conducting regular housekeeping walk rounds to note down and act on any maintenance issues can identify opportunities for energy savings and avoid expensive problems later on.

Robert Rabinowitz PhD, director of Environmental Markets, BRE, advises on how to choose the right business model for renewables in social housing

Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association looks at how the Comprehensive Spending Review will affect the opportunities for savings

The UK Government has set out an ambitious plan for all new homes to be zero carbon from 2016. Neil Jefferson of the Zero Carbon Hub explains what is right for tomorrow’s homes

Glen Wilkinson of Carbon Saver, accredited assessors for The Carbon Trust Standard, discusses improving data collection for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme


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