Digital Government Conference 2018

Digital Government: Educating Digital Leaders

The annual Digital Government conference will be returning to the QEII Centre, London on Thursday 24th May. Continuing the success of previous years, the conference will bring together digital leaders from local government, central government and healthcare to discuss, debate and define the future of public services in the UK.

The last ten years have seen major advances in technology and a high percentage of citizen’s now expect to have access to multiple public services online. The government therefore is faced with a growing need to ensure they keep pace and improve products to meet citizen’s needs. We are seeing a positive shift in the way digital government services are being adopted, but there are still notable challenges to overcome. In 2017 the public sector faced several difficulties which included cyber-attacks, reduced funding and limited online interaction from the public. A number of citizens feel that services lag behind those in the private sector and so local authorities, central government and the healthcare sector alike are finding themselves under increasing pressure to communicate better through digital platforms. The timely Digital Government event will help organisations learn from challenges and better shape their digital transformation strategy

One of the key factors delaying digital adoption is data protection, especially with GDPR coming into effect in May. A recent study has shown organisations are finding that the security of personal data is one of their most significant obstacles. With this in mind, the conference will host a panel discussion on the protection of privacy and information in digital government. Sarah Pickup, Deputy Chief Executive, Local Government Association (LGA) and Dan Taylor, Head of Security, NHS Digital will share their experiences in raising front-line awareness around careful data sharing and renewing peoples trust in digital platforms. Learning from the attacks of the past year, both the LGA and NHS Digital are effectively managing risks in complex, changing work environments.

Looking at digital transformation from a human perspective, the digital skills gap is costing the economy an estimated £63 billion a year and a lack of in-house skills is creating a barrier to the delivery of improved digital services. In light of this, departments are confronted with the challenge of developing organisational strategies and making workforce adjustments, whilst at the same time maintaining a balance between IT and digital expertise. New for 2018, the Digital Government conference will be running a content stream dedicated to workforce and capability, with case studies from The Government Digital Service (GDS), the Parliamentary Digital Service and the CIPD. GDS will examine how to create capability in digital, data and technology professions, while the Parliamentary Digital Service will look at combining ICT and digital departments, sharing their view from the inside. To close the stream the CIPD will advise on ensuring changes to workforce and structures remain flexible in the face of change. Furthering skills and closing the gap will allow the technology profession to grow. This stream will support organisations in realising the full potential of their workforce and understanding how to utilise talent more effectively.

There are rapid changes and improvements happening across the sector as departments enhance service standards and move closer to reaching digital inclusion. The ability to gain intelligence through data and analyse how services are being used enables organisations to adapt products, reach audiences with limited access to online content and allow everybody to interact with the government more efficiently. Daniel Thornton, Programme Director for the Institute for Government (IfG) will explore the benefits of regular, data-driven performance reviews. Drawing on analysis from the IfG’s Performance Tracker project, Daniel will emphasise the potential of opening up government data for service tracking, improvement and innovation.

Through a combination of plenary sessions, interactive seminars and dedicated content streams, Digital Government provides the perfect platform to tackle key issues and recognise innovation. The programme will educate over 300 public sector leaders, bringing together an audience from key organisations across the sector. Now in its third year, this must-attend conference will impart insights into the latest policy and strategy developments, featuring high level speakers from the Government Digital Service, the National Audit Office, NHS Digital, the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Institute for Government, the Local Government Association, the Department for Work and Pensions, the DVLA and many more. Join the conversation on 24th May and lead the debate with like-minded professionals. Digital Government is free to attend for those who work in the public or charity sector. You can secure a place on our website.

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May 24 2018

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The annual Digital Government conference will be returning to the QEII Centre, London on Thursday 24th May.

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