Situated within 160 acres of fine mature parkland within the rolling Hertfordshire Countryside, Brickendon Grange Golf Club is an impressive up and coming corporate and private event venue.

Anyone managing vehicles in the public sector knows all about the high cost of diesel and petrol.

Emmanuel Centre

London’s Emmanuel Centre has hosted a spectacularly wide range of events and conferences since it opened as a conference and meetings venue in 1997.

ComX was formed in 2003 based upon a long held belief that there was a missing element in the market place, that of an organisation focused on treating every Client and Associate as an individual.

Black Swan

Black Swan creates better outcomes for business through technology, prediction and data science. We find correlations at the intersections of public and private data and turn these insights – called Black Swan moments – into valuable predictions for our clients.

We provide consultancy, training and tools to help organisations large and small to effectively adopt and embed best practice, customised to your needs.

Cyber attacks are rapidly grabbing headlines with increasing aplomb and many organisations feel powerless to defend against them.

In a time of future economic uncertainties, many Local Planning Authorities are becoming conscious of potential budget cuts and a lack of resources. Planning Consultancies are increasingly helping to lighten the load for those Authorities in need of support in both the Development Management and Planning Policy sectors.

Future Processing is an experienced Polish offshore software development service provider, working mostly with European companies located in the UK and Scandinavia.

Although Verizon is known as a global telecoms provider not many people know we are a Gartner top quadrant Cyber security provider and Cloud hosting provider.

Carl's a bit of an expert in cavity walls. It's a specialist and booming field and his 15 years' experience mean that he knows what he's doing.

Expand International is a pioneer in designing, manufacturing and marketing portable media displays - retractable displays, backdrops, exhibition stands, counters, light boxes, flags, tents etc. We are one of the global market leaders and our products are of high quality, portable and user-friendly.

It may seem strange, but with the Surface range of devices, Microsoft is becoming a competitive and compelling supplier of hardware devices to the public and commercial sectors

Formed 20 years ago to provide Contracting and Procurement training on an outsourced basis to Shell Group companies the CP Training Consortium has now merged with the Supply Chain Academy.

It is unique in the market place for one manufacturer to supply both Progressing Cavity and Rotary Lobe pumps, both from the positive displacement pump family and both technologies being proven and preferred equipment for municipal wastewater sludges, industrial effluents and various thickened mineral streams.


Event Diary

World of Learning will feature even more opportunities to discover the latest in learning and development (L&D) with over 100 exhibitors, The Technology Test Drive, Learning Design Live, live workshops, one-to-one consultations, free seminars and its renowned annual conference.

Calling all Local Authorities for UK’s Largest Flood and Coastal Erosion Event