Wemvula - a new approach to Government digital transformation


We all know the story of large IT projects. They start with a list of requirements, end up with haemorrhaging millions of pounds, more often than not they fail spectacularly. When they don’t ‘fail’ they are regularly late, over budget and diverge from what was originally specified and what is actually needed.

Nowhere is this truer than in Government, where a quarter of the 143 major IT programmes, valued at a total lifetime cost of £8bn, were recently found to be at high risk of failure.

We keep seeing this repetitive and expensive cycle of failure because so many organisations, including Government departments, fail to align their IT programmes with their business goals when they begin. They have no clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve.

Even worse, these organisations regularly lock themselves into huge, inflexible contracts that stifle innovation and hold them to requirements that are redundant by the time of implementation. And the biggest beneficiaries are the major suppliers and large consultancies who continue to profit from these failures.

Here at Rainmaker, we’ve had enough. Government and the public it serves deserve better.  We believe so strongly in this, that we’ve spent years developing our own transformation platform - Wemvula - to help departments break this repetitive, redundant and costly cycle. To help them transform their organisations intelligently.

Our confidence in the capabilities of Wemvula, and our determination to help departments and local authorities deliver the services our citizens really need, means that we are offering part of the platform - Wardley Mapping - to Government, for free.

A new approach

In the last year alone, we have made headlines for truly disrupting the industry, helping departments and local authorities move away from archaic, expensive, inflexible infrastructures, to innovative and digitally-enabled technologies that better serve their users. Helping them move away from large, single vendor IT outsourcing contracts in as little as 18 months. Helping them achieve up to 40% savings for taxpayers.

We do this using a combination of Wemvula, high-end advisory, and sleeves rolled-up practical support. We call it the ‘Rainmaker Way’.  And it’s an approach that’s delivering results for the Food Standards Agency, the Planning Inspectorate, Ofsted, Newham and Croydon councils, to name a few.

Over the course of many transformation projects, we have learned that our clients only really see the technology opportunities for their organisations when they first have full situational awareness. Which is why we map our clients’ existing IT infrastructure against the interconnected web of needs, ideas, service components, supply contracts and change activities such as projects and programmes.

The Wemvula platform provides a uniquely powerful and visual strategic tool that provides this situational awareness, so Government departments and local authorities can better understand their existing IT estate for themselves.

Wemvula helps them understand market and ecosystem developments so they know where to act and why. It helps them to understand where the real value exists. It empowers them to make better strategic decisions. It gives them the firepower they need to stop putting more IT industry lipstick on their digital pig!

The future is bright

Government has already made great strides in IT transformation - GDS has been leading the way when it comes to designing services that citizens can use seamlessly, from the comfort of their own homes.

But we can achieve so much more by widening the focus to include the technology and infrastructure the government uses, as well as the future approach to contracting and delivery of Government IT.

The Crown Commercial Service’s bold decision to reassess ICT contract distribution with G-Cloud 10 is a major opportunity. It recognises that a component-based approach, steeped in user needs and design, leads to far more reliable and consistently good outcomes. From the complex challenges of disaggregation through to digital delivery, it recognises the ability of SMEs to make the hard things happen.

Rainmaker is a supplier of digital services via the Digital Marketplace, providing a full range of effective, digital services to help you plan, implement and embed lasting change.

If you want to know more about Wemvula and how you can use it to help you take your organisation into the future, find us at rainmaker.solutions, call or email us.

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