Vanden Recycling

Vanden Recycling

Vanden Recycling provides manufacturers with recovered plastics as a raw material, including wheelie bin manufactures. The company achieves this by identifying the most efficient way to recycle plastics through its processing capacity in England and through over 200 customers in 15 countries working in tandem with its Hong Kong based parent company, Vanden Global.

Formed in 2005, Vanden Global has successfully expanded from its Hong Kong headquarters to locations in Asia, Europe and Australia. In the UK, Vanden Recycling, a wholly owned subsidiary, runs one of the UKs newest and most efficient plastics recycling plants. With processing based in Peterborough the company collects scrap materials throughout UK and Ireland.

Since 2016 it has provided plastic wheelie bin collection services to local authorities throughout Britain. This includes an offer of free grinding equipment for wheel removal. The company also buys a wide range of materials from local authorities including cardboard, paper, aluminum cans and plastics bottles, both mixed and sorted.

From wheelie bins the company produces a clean washed granule which can be used in a wide range of plastic applications including being remanufactured into wheelie bins themselves. Other applications include pipe, crates and pallets.

Vanden Recycling has grown dynamically in the UK in the past few years and now employs nearly 30 staff across its contracts, logistics and finance office in Lisburn, it’s processing facility in Peterborough and buying staff throughout the UK and Ireland.

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