V4 Sevices – working with your teams to deliver better outcomes

Established in 2008, V4 Services is a privately-owned SME. We work with our customers to understand their problems and design and deliver solutions that meet their strategic objectives.
We are proud of the fact that we have helped to deliver many strategically important projects with over 120 public sector organisations across the UK.

Through our Commissioning and Procurement team we work with you to ensure your key priorities are met through the development of high performing commissioning and procurement functions. From understanding need, insight and data analytics, engaging with stakeholders, shaping solutions, through to the procurement of suppliers to deliver outcomes, we manage all aspects of the commissioning and procurement cycle and can work with you on a retained or on-demand basis to meet your needs.

We typically work with organisations who’ve done what they can to deliver significant savings but are now faced with much tougher decisions, or those who have plenty of ideas but need support taking concepts through to reality.

The benefits we bring:

Focus on, and delivery of, better outcomes – reduced cost, increased investment, improved performance, services that better meet customers’ needs.

Value for money and return on your investment – we help you to make the business case for investing in us.

Overcome multiple barriers – Collaboration is an opportunity but isn’t easy. We’ve worked with politicians, senior staff, strategic partners, service delivery teams, unions and service users to overcome differences and focus on the end goal.

Evidence-based decision making – we collate, analyse and interpret data, building the evidence for change or doing something differently.

Sustainable solutions - We look at the bigger picture as well as the specific detail, taking a broad view.

Share our learning and experience with your teams – We bring an independent view – we see things with a fresh perspective, are prepared to challenge and broker difficult conversations to achieve better outcomes. Our team is practical, working directly with your teams to share knowledge and learning from across the UK.

A catalyst to make change happen - we bring your ideas together, inject some of ours and ‘make it happen’.

Our service offer includes:

Service reviews
We can provide you with an independent assessment of your procurement function.

Management of strategic, high value procurements
We manage high value, strategic procurements using competitive dialogue to ensure the overall outcome is the best it can be – whether that’s investment in new facilities, improved customer experiences or financial savings.

Demand management
We aim to ensure that you have what is needed to deliver your business objectives. But there’s a big difference between want and need; we can support you in different approaches to reduce, replace or even eliminate the use of a product or service.

Category management
We can help you to implement a category management approach to your organisation-wide spend to focus effort on priority areas to help you achieve your strategic objectives while putting in place a clear, structured framework for the life-cycle management of that spend.

Category management helps ensure an effective, consistent and reusable approach to third party expenditure that can be used to deliver efficiencies across the entire organisation.
We can provide the expertise and understanding needed to adopt a category management approach and work with you to implement the key activities and deliver the outputs required.

Supplier relationship management
Management of contracts is the essential part of ensuring you deliver the outcomes you require in partnership with your suppliers.

Our team is experienced in the range of issues that typically arise in high value, strategic contracts and can support your contract or service managers to negotiate with your key suppliers to deliver efficiencies, improved outcomes and innovation.

If you need help taking a contract from the procurement stage to mobilisation and client-side management, or simply could do with a contract health check on an annual basis to explore how further benefits could be delivered, give us a call.

Insight, data analytics, business intelligence
We collate, cleanse, analyse and interpret data and present insightful management information and dashboards.

Services we can provide include spend and contract analysis; and income and cost analysis to help you understand your income and provide insight into how income generation could be increased or costs reduced.

We can also support you by producing outline and full business cases and advice and support you in the implementation of appropriate, compliant business models for trading.
We provide data analysis and management reporting solutions to enable you to make timely, informed decisions.

Our case studies provide you with a taster of the benefits we’ve delivered in partnership with our clients and are available on our website. To find out more please contact us.

V4 Services Limited
1 Victoria Square,
Birmingham B1 1BD

0121 4000408

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