TDSi’s Integrated Security Solutions for Government, Education and Healthcare

Established in 1982, TDSi has been at the forefront of the access control and integrated security management market for over 35 years. TDSi’s diverse and comprehensive product range includes: Access Control Systems, Biometric Readers, Security Management Software and IP CCTV Video Management Software.

TDSi’s product portfolio can be easily integrated into other security and Business Management System applications and is suitable for deployment across organisations of all sizes and types.

Assisting Government

TDSi systems are used in both national and local government applications, delivering powerful security and integration control capability for standalone departments or buildings, multi-site organisations, and utilities and Critical National Infrastructure sites..

TDSi systems are proven in applications from individual leisure centres to entire government departments. The range features scalable and flexible products such as readers, controllers and software systems, with biometric solutions for added security, smartcard technology for flexibility and the powerful integration capabilities of access control management software.

Supporting Education

TDSi has extensive experience in delivering projects to the education sector, having developed a number of innovative access control systems specifically for schools, colleges and universities.

The EXgarde™ PRO software management suite provides integration modules for many school attendance software database tools (including Capita SIMS), ensuring data can be shared across applications, reducing the need for double-entry and the risk of error.

TDSi’s sophisticated access control systems can centrally define which areas staff, students and visitors can enter. With MIFARE smart card technology installed, multiple applications can be controlled by just one card ­ for example access control, library services and cashless vending.

An energy saving switch ensures that lights and other electrical equipment can only be switched on when an authorised card is inserted ­ helping to save energy and reduce costs.

Protecting Healthcare

TDSi solutions have been used in both new-build and refurbishment projects, providing robust and reliable access control for hospitals and surgeries.

With EXgarde PRO, staff and visitor access to certain parts of a building can be limited or restricted. It also provides seamless integration with CCTV, intruder and fire alarms as well as lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems.

TDSi’s MIFARE smart card technology can be used to control car park entry, access control, time and attendance and cashless vending.

For more details on TDSi, its extensive product range and how it can help your organisation, please visit our website.