SendCake Films

Whether you are looking for high production value aerial imagery of property, real estate, construction projects, buildings, project time lapse, roof inspections or landscape and general aerial views, SendCake Films can capture video and photographs that you will be proud of. 

With a background in Film we bring a focused, flexible and practical approach to our drone work. We ensure we take the time to understand a client’s requirements fully, and work closely with them to achieve a successful outcome. We aim to do this while getting every flight in the air with a risk level that is mitigate to as low as reasonably possible.

To fly a drone commercially in the UK we have Permission for Commercial Operation from the CAA and public liability insurance of £5m as standard, which can be increased as required. We will share these documents and our Operating Safety Manuals with you during your inquiry. They will help us explain what we can and can’t do legally. and what impact that might have on your request. We can also work with the emergency services and search and rescue when required, and can apply for special Operating Safety Cases when specific flights need enhanced safety permissions.

We love talking about drone flying at SendCake Films and the emerging industry that we are in. We are more than happy to chat through, at no obligation to work with us, your plans and thoughts for your aerial requirements. We can also refer you onwards to other members of the Association for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems UK if needed. So, if you simply need someone to bounce an idea off about some aerial work, don't hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help in any way we can.

We can't get enough of talking about drones and the work we do. It brings us what we call CakeJoy®. What’s CakeJoy®? Well It’s a broad, simple and inclusive idea that goes something like this: CakeJoy® comes from anything that makes you happy.

For us it just happens to be cake, drone flying and film making. We hope we can bring a slice of CakeJoy® into your life one day.