A Recycling Vision

ImerPlast UK, formely Regain Polymers, is a leading recycler of post-consumer waste, turning waste into valued new products, creating jobs, reducing litter and helping the UK reach its recycling targets. We buy old wheelie bins and other mixed polyolefin and sorted PP and HDPE waste. The company was acquired by the Group Imerys in August 2017.

The recycling sector is an exciting place to be at the moment and ImerPlast UK has a great story to tell. Society cannot be as wasteful of resources in the future. We have to take responsibility for waste where it is generated and not export it to China or other countries as we did in the past. The urban mine concept is fascinating but until now mixed polyolefins were part of the spoil from the mine rather than a valued product.

The backbone of ImerPlast’s operations is our unique compatibilisation technology that adds value to mixed polyolefins, enabling it, for the first time, to be re-engineered and displace virgin resin in critical applications. This mineral based compatibiliser bonds to both the PE and PP in mixed polyolefin feeds during a reactive extrusion process, creating an alloy of the two with an optimal stiffness/toughness balance.

Making environmental claims is easy but few companies have the proof to back up their claims, and credibility is lacking. ImerPlast UK took the decision to bridge the gap by being independently audited by EuCertPlas. We are now the only UK recycler of polyolefins with this EU wide standard, providing the assurance that the products we recycle are handled with the best respect for the environment and according to best practice. This award allows our customers to apply for Blue Angel certification or make other environmental claims with the assurance that they will not mislead the public.

Imerplast UK is now starting an exciting period of equipment upgrades. At the front end of our business we look to install new flake washing capacity and upgrade the existing to meet new recycling targets. One or two of the older and smaller compounding lines will be removed. The original ImerPlast twin screw line with CDF filter and cascade extruder has been moved from Cornwall to our Castleford site and another new compounding line will soon be installed. The newer and larger Castleford lines will be upgraded with improved dosing and melt filtration equipment and one with a cascade extruder. Handling of product post compounding will also be improved to facilitate batch consistency and tanker loading.

The end result will be a fit-for-purpose operation which will make us the leading polyolefin recycler in the UK not just by capacity but more critically, by quality.

Couple this increased and improved production capability to the world leading lab and development facilities which exist within the Imerys Group and the scientists that it employs and you can understand how we will be bringing many exciting new recycled products to market in the next few years. The opportunities for recycled polymers will grow through enhanced capabilities in cycle time, colour management and reduced odour. The development of ImerPlast UK’s product portfolio will be underpinned by the company’s unique polyolefin compatibilisation technology that has proved so effective in the last few years.

If you have sorted PP or HDPE rigid waste (especially wheelie bins) and/or mixed Polyolefin rigid waste we will be glad to hear from you.

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