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OpenCredo is a G-Cloud 8 supplier, offering cloud and open source digital platform services to public sector organizations.  As a company we are heavily involved in application development and DevOps automation based work, focusing on making a seamless experience among the two practices, specifically in a cloud environment. Most recently we have been involved in projects and delivered services for UK Government departments, such as HMRC.

The OpenCredo team possess a rich capability across the entire spectrum of the development process, from architecture to software engineering and DevOps. We work in a manner that is transparent, objective and pragmatic. As a company founded on excellence in software engineering, our approach is to lead and support by deed and example. We deliver tangible value, not slide decks or fluff.

We partner with the world’s leading technology organisations such as Hashicorp, Datastax, Amazon, Google, Mesosphere, Redhat, Lightbend, Hazlecast and Neo4j to name just a few.

Our Approach
During an initial investigation phase, we will collaborate closely with key client stakeholders and subject matter experts, to analyse not only the immediate problem space, but also the context in which the solution must operate. We will bring to bear our deep expertise to identify which processes, patterns, tools and technologies best fit your specific environment

This investigation phase is often undertaken in a single workshop of a series of workshops, followed by a detailed report and presentation of our findings and recommendations.

Delivering a Showcase of Technology and Architecture
Having completed an investigation phase, and following a discussion with Clients on our recommendations, customers then often engage OpenCredo to perform a “showcase development” in order to clearly prove and demonstrate a new way of delivering software faster and more cost effectively – including new but proven open source technologies. Real value comes from taking this important next step and implementing specific functionality using the recommended technologies together with the latest delivery processes, tools and target architecture.

Showcase Development Project Phases
While we are very much committed to working in a lean/agile fashion, the complexity of the problems involved require us to undertake early environment set up and planning exercises before the commencement of development activity. Phases do, however, blend together as decisions made early on will be constantly revisited as greater insight is gained.

i) Building a product backlog
The development will apply lean and agile principles to start quickly but will remain flexible in the face of emergent understanding. Showcase implementations, as well as delivering software, act as an exemplar for agile development.

ii) Commencing development
The showcase demonstrates all areas of software development, testing (including acceptance and performance tests), the creation of environments using DevOps tooling and the creation of a continuous delivery pipeline to allow code to be moved through a staged evaluation which can ultimately lead to production deployment.

We are strong advocates of Agile Delivery, aiming to deliver maximum value with minimum waste. Our preferred engagement model utilises team augmentation to transfer our knowledge of tooling and best practice into our client’s delivery and operational teams. As experts in behaviour- and test-driven development (BDD and TDD), agile methodologies, continuous integration, continuous delivery, cloud, PaaS, and DevOps, we have across the broad skills in bringing quality, speed, and business value to software development.

Whilst we deliver, we also share our proven way of working with you; leaving you with the most modern, efficient working practices that will benefit your people and business long after we have gone.

iii) Moving beyond the showcase
The showcase differs from a POC in that it is not intended to be thrown away. Instead it forms a solid foundation for development going forward. Whether the showcase development is exposed to end users will depend on time, budget and the complexity of software being created. Many clients chose to allocate a smaller budget to the initial development but have a decision point to simply add development iterations to seamlessly continue the showcase to the point of delivering a minimum viable product.

OpenCredo is confident we can help you solve your next IT challenge. Our other areas of expertise cover Big Data, NoSQL Databases, Real Time Analytics, Test Automation and Technology transformation (e.g. Microservices) training courses.

We’d love to discuss any business transformation or software development project you’re facing.

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