Leaders in Odour Control & Biogas Cleaning Units

Anua Clean Air UK ltd is an established leader in the field of high performance, low-cost odour and solvent abatement technologies based on its Proprietary biological technologies. The company has the exclusive world-wide Branding and Patent rights to Monashell, Mónafil and CrumRubber technologies.

We specialise in after care service, process optimisation and media replacement services.

In addition, Anua Clean Air UK in partnership with Air Clean Srl. can also offer the full range of treatment options including Chemical Scrubbers, Activated Carbon Filters and Dust Filters.

Our proprietary range of process solutions offer best in class performance at the lowest life cycle cost for Municipal (Waste Water and Solid Waste) and Industrial Applications. The company’s core values are centred on developing high performing, low cost environmentally sustainable solutions, utilising high quality recovered materials. Key performance metrics are not just odour removal efficiency but also power and water consumption and media life.

The newest Technology developments are centred on the utilisation of recovered Crumb Rubber as a high performing inert Biotrickling media for medium to very high H2S applications. This technology has been successfully deployed on difficult airstreams and Landfill gas and Biogas for H2S and volatile siloxane reduction.

Anua Clean Air UK ltd is supported by Engineers who were the originators of the Mónashell, Mónafil and CrumRubber technologies who have gained extensive International experience over a twenty-five-year period on over 1,000 worldwide installations. Anua Clean Air are currently working on Projects in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, and Israel.

The development and deployment of Anua Clean Air UK’s technologies on a worldwide basis bears testimony to the successful deployment of low cost, reliable biological treatment demonstrating not only are biological solutions emerging from the shadows as the technology of choice for air pollution they are also set to play a significant role in the renewable energy sector.

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