LayerV - The Link Between Government And The Cloud


Organisations with the best cloud strategy benefit from the highest levels of cost savings, security and reliability.

“We estimate that through outage avoidance alone, LayerV saved the company £250k last year”
Abe Smith, CEO at DealFlo

For businesses looking to benefit from such perks, the question of managing the process of cloud migration is no longer an ‘If?’ it’s a ‘When?’.

Whether you’re a Government department planning to improve services, a start-up looking to scale quickly or an enterprise wanting to make significant savings, you’ll be thinking ‘cloud’. Companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft are experiencing a huge increase in businesses adopting their services.

“137% YoY increase in data transfer to and from S3” and “99% YoY increase in EC2 instance usage”. As the world adopts the Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as best practice, Partners of Service Providers are becoming an integral part of managing the process of advising, deploying and managing the ever evolving offering with end users.” AWS Publication.

Although there are lots of similarities between the old and the new, there are also significant differences meaning expertise is required, if only to keep pace with the evolution of services available.

The key to success tends to lie in reducing your exposure to risk, accelerating your ability to innovate and, of course, having a reliable service. Unplanned downtime or even reduced performance is not an option, especially if your competition no longer suffers from the same issues.


LayerV is now able to offer its wide range of cloud solutions and Managed Services to Government. As experts in security, resilience and compliance with significant experience of cloud Migrations, DevOps and Managed Services to highly regulated sectors, LayerV’s Cloud Adoption and Optimisation services are well placed to meet the standards demanded by Government.

LayerV take a holistic view of your organisations aspirations for IT enhancements, we provide a vendor neutral and client centric approach to helping you achieve tangible operational and commercial improvements.

“Anyone can deploy virtual instances to the cloud, but is this done efficiently? Our cloud experts have reduced savings for our clients of up to 30% per month after in-depth analysis and optimisation”
Javid Khan, CTO, LayerV.

The LayerV Approach:

Enable – We start your cloud journey maximising business efficiency at a low risk.
Establishing Cloud readiness, best practice, cost and performance optimisation.

Cloud Acceleration and Migration Strategy
Security, Cost and Performance Best Practice Analysis
Industry Regulatory Expertise & Compliance

Enhance – We continually assess and evaluate efficiencies to maximise cloud value and improve speed to market.
Cloud Automation and DevOps Integration whilst enhancing

Automated Deployments & DevOps for Managed Environments
Scaling and Performance optimisation
Security Hardening

Excel – We make the cloud support you, so you can focus on what you do best.
“Round the clock” Next Generation Managed Cloud and Security Service.

Proactive Cloud Monitoring & Management
Continuous Compliance with little “human” intervention
Focus on continuous improvement


The Cloud Readiness Assessment is the perfect way for you to accelerate your cloud journey. The LayerV team of cloud experts will work with you to create a detailed and meaningful view of ‘current state’ and a strategic roadmap to ‘cloud-enabled’.

LayerV’s Cloud Readiness service helps you fast-track your decision making, with infrastructure and application expertise that assesses the viability of your proposed cloud migration.

The first step is to understand your business. LayerV are keen to understand your applications and service offering, how they work, the technology that underpins them and your scalability and resiliency requirements. We will hold an initial workshop with your teams to analyse and understand your existing infrastructure, reviewing and grouping your application requirements, workloads, system interdependencies, connectivity and latency, performance, processes, management, security and policies.

Based on the findings, LayerV will then be in a position to provide a high level approach and cloud solution to meet your technical and business requirements.


No Obligation half day session.
Fast-track your cloud adoption strategy
Create a clear path to the cloud based on your application profiles and characteristics
Get an unbiased view of true cloud migration complexity
Tap into our expert knowledge of Amazon Web Services


Discovery Workshop for information gathering
Cloud Readiness Report and high level approach
Expert advice from our certified specialist teams

If you are interested in speaking with LayerV about planning, building or optimizing your cloud environment then contact on 0845 544 0045 or LayerV are able to provide a, no obligation, Discovery Workshop with an AWS Certified Solution Architect to answer all your questions and assist with your cloud strategy.

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