Intergas boilers are built to last

Intergas has been at the forefront of domestic boiler manufacture in the Netherlands for over 40 years, placing energy efficiency and simplicity at the heart of its operations. The Netherlands was the first country to take the environmental credentials of condensing boilers seriously so, in 1989 when Intergas launched its first condensing boiler in the Netherlands, it became the leading boiler brand, a position it still occupies today. It helped that seven years later its senior engineer, Harry Bosch, designed a revolutionary heat exchanger that was so simple yet advanced, it remains at the cutting edge of boiler technology today.

What can be revolutionary about a heat exchanger? All boilers need two, one for hot water and one for central heating, but the Intergas aluminium heat exchanger combines the two. This is both unique and ingenious as the design means there is no need for a diverter valve, valve motor, auto air vent or secondary hot water plate heat exchanger; basically, all the parts that stick, leak and let you down aren’t there. There are also only 12 components, of which three are made of plastic and, with fewer components, there’s less to go wrong. But Intergas boilers are not just reliable, they are ultra-efficient too. Unlike other boilers in the UK they condense in both heating and hot water modes 100% of the time, with virtually no standby losses, typically reducing emissions by 20% and shaving up to a further 5% of energy bills.

The introduction of its Remote Management system, which enables local authorities and housing associations to monitor the performance of all its boilers, and head off potential issues from developing, has helped reduce and control service and maintenance costs across the country.

One of our clients, Les Finucane, Business Development Director of BSW Heating, who has been installing our boilers for Ashford Borough Council, summed up the benefits of installing Intergas, by saying: “Boilers these days just breakdown with increasing regularity and with the uniquely designed heat exchanger and 10-year warranty we are more confident with the reliability. When there’s a shortage of qualified heating engineers in the UK, it makes sense to install boilers that are not going to let you and the user down. With a life expectancy of between 15–17 years and only a minimum number of components required across the range, this will improve the way properties are maintained.

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