Innovative lighting solutions from Amitex LED

Energy efficiency is high on the agenda of local authorities and government organisations, for money saving potential while reducing carbon emissions. Projects to replace street lighting with LED grab headlines, but with lighting typically accounting for 30% of office electricity bills, there are significant cost-saving opportunities within every building offering lower up-front investment and shorter payback times.

Amitex LED offers a range of options for office lighting. Our LED Panels can be retrofitted quickly and easily to replace fluorescent high frequency modular ceiling lights, allowing immediate energy savings of up to 50% and reduced maintenance costs. Our product warranties are 3 or 5 years but due to the longevity of modern LED chips and drivers, products can last considerably longer. Typical payback times are 2-2½ years or less depending on the product. Our Panel Lights are certified to LM85, meaning that at the end of their warrantied life, a fitting still emits 85% of its original output; where comparable fluorescent fittings emit below 50%, therefore older working lights are considerably less efficient.

Office lighting layouts can be redesigned with our latest LED products, improving the quality of lighting while using fewer fittings, leading to even greater energy savings. We offer a free design service optimising fittings to ensure appropriate lux levels for the working environment.

Recent research indicates that lighting has a significant impact on productivity and mood; 32% of UK workers are unhappy with the light intensity at work, only 21% of those surveyed can alter their lighting, leading to a lack of engagement and poor concentration. Colour temperature changing products could remedy this problem. Zeta Panels and Centurion Downlighters allow variation of colour temperature between cool white, natural white, warm white light and a dimming capability, achieving a more comfortable working environment. Up to 400 Downlighters, split into 4 zones, are controllable from one remote, allowing different teams in a large office to regulate their own space.

In a fast-growing market, quality can be an issue and unfortunately there are products offered which tarnish the reputation of the industry. Amitex LED has been supplying commercial LED lighting since 2003 and we pride ourselves on selling superior quality products at excellent value for money. Using good quality components, all our products are tested to the highest standards using BS, TUV and GS and all are CE, RoHS and ErP compliant. As members of the Lighting Industry Association we are subject to their strict code of conduct and random product inspections, consequently we enjoy one of the highest reliability rates in the industry.

Switching to LED is worth serious consideration, whether you’re designing a new building, refurbishing an office or upgrading warehouse/depot lighting we can advise.

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