High Security meets High Design: The Company Styling out Security Products within the Public Sector

Boon Edam

There has been a continuous demand for better, more advanced security products within the public sector and, after a turbulent few years regarding the economy and multiple national security threats, the demand for physical security within, and around buildings to ensure safety for both property and employees, is even greater.   But with changes to the mind-set of our modern society and a strong reliance on technology simplifying every day processes, there comes a growing expectation that these advancements are implemented, if possible, to all areas that can streamline an activity in some way.  
Preventing Tailgating and Unauthorised Access

Now that building security regarding access control is a pivotal part of the initial design process, there needs to be a combination of consideration for high security technology that doesn’t sacrifice throughput, safety or intuitive usability.   But by investing in the development of their security product range, the entry experts at Boon Edam have been able to successfully tailor their high security solutions to meet the needs of both architect and security/site manager.    With major cities being essentially a giant showroom for the Dutch born company.

The misconception of functional not being beautiful, that once shadowed the public sector regarding security design, has finally been transformed as Boon Edam's range of high security doors and portals continue to proudly dominate the UK market. The Circlelock which offers the highest level of security access, is a portal consisting of a round drum and two sliding doors.   Typically found within data centres, the Circlelock works as a single-entry solution where the user enters the portal, and doors close around them, activating security system technology to determine authorisation.    This process allows for successive bi-directional traffic.  And although throughput is low, the Circlelock offers complete security and peace of mind for buildings that require the highest level of protection.

With a choice of three or four door wings and offering the optimum balance between high security and throughput is Boon Edams range of Tourlock.   These security revolving doors offer simultaneous bi-directional traffic, which enables users to enter and exit at the same time.  Rotation may only be activated through a card reading authorisation system, where during the 180° rotation, an inbuilt security system will check for security breaches such as tailgating and piggybacking.   Both high security products come in a range of aesthetic finishes from powder coating to anodised aluminium, and extra reinforcement solutions such as high resistance glass make them a popular choice for specification.

140 Years of Experience meets Future Proof Technology

A growth in the need for absolute secure building access within the public sector, has been extended throughout Boon Edam's high security range of doors and portals.   The large investment that has been allocated for research and development within the entry specialist company has been shown through state-of-the art technology, that can be installed in all of their high security products.  StereoVision for example uses time-of-flight technology, where both the Circlelock and Tourlock allow for a camera to be integrated within the ceiling of the door creating a 3-dimensional impression of the person using both products helping to detect tailgating and piggybacking.   

With over 140 years of experience in creating quality engineered access control products, and by investing in the continuous development of their security range, Boon Edam Limited have been able to successfully innovate their high security door solutions.   Through re-configuring and re-designing the standard door or portal, allowed the company to modernise the basic functionality of an access solution by incorporating multiple configuration tools allowing for a truly bespoke yet future proof product.    

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