Helping Fleet Managers weather the storm and cut through the Fog of uncertainty

Daimler Fleet Management (DFM) understands that fleet managers are expected to achieve a multi-tasking masterpiece – reducing costs whilst simultaneously improving efficiencies at the same time. This alone is an unenviable task but factor in the expectation of these deliverables whilst also meeting a duty of care and obligation to employee safety, and satisfaction and we have a very challenging scenario.

And that’s just business as usual. Hot on the heels of Brexit and GDPR and amidst the ongoing diesel debate comes a new challenge to the fleet manager – The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure or WTLP. Yet another complication to factor into your fleet planning over the coming years.

For the Fleet Manager already dealing with a mountain of new legislation and regulation, WLTP might seem like one headache too many. In fact many Fleet Managers are electing to weather out the storm and wait for the dust to settle. But why run the risk of increasing your overheads and watching your fleet age. What you need is a fleet partner with the experience and know-how to assess the impact and sort through the detail.

At times of change, having the right leasing partner is more important than ever. Leasing offers real advantages to your business because you will be trading in vehicles every couple of years and can therefore benefit from the latest and most efficient technology without worrying about changing environmental restraints.

A history of delivering success

Through our parent company Daimler, DFM has a heritage that spans all the way back to the invention of the world’s first automobile in 1886. What’s more, through the acquisition of the European mobility powerhouse Athlon in 2016, DFM now has access to a wealth of tried and tested mobility products proving a success across Europe such as corporate car sharing, pre-paid mobility cards and many more bespoke solutions. DFM continue to thrive in the areas of rental, leasing, and fleet management whilst keeping a keen eye on future opportunities; from robo-cars to ride-hailing, or car‑sharing to autonomous chauffeurs.

DFM can help you undertake a review of your current fleet and highlight how WLTP will impact you. Through Whole Life Costs analysis, we can help you put a plan in place that will maximise performance and cost-efficiency, selecting vehicles fit for purpose and future proofed.  The right vehicle, for the right job, at the right price.

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